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A Brief Primer

Last updated: Feb 03, 2016
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Original date: Aug 06, 2015

Welcome to my coding blog! I’ve decided to join the internet circa 2000 – now powered by Markdown. I suppose we’ve at least evolved beyond the WYSIWYG for content entry, so three cheers for progress! That said, let’s get down to business.

TL;DR - aka Goals

For those just joining us, here’s a quick sum up of my goals for this space.

  1. Learning reinforcement aid
  2. Communication development
  3. Personal code reference archive

If any of the above sounds of interest, feel free to browse articles in the navigation. To learn more about my view on this blog, read on…

Long Form

Thanks for taking an interest! First, lets talk a little bit about the target audience.

Who are you?

You’ve come here for a reason. You’re likely either:

  1. Friend/family
  2. Prospective employer/colleague
  3. Programmer in need
  4. The author
  5. Some combination thereof

Group 1 - Friends & Family

If you’re here to hear about my home life, personal happenings, or otherwise checking in, I’ve got bad news. This blog will bore you to tears. Run. Quickly. But please feel free to get in touch!

However, if you’re curious about what exactly it is that I do, read on.

Groups 2-5 - Employers, Colleagues, Programmers, Me

Good news, everyone! If you’ve made it this far, you’ll likely get something out of this space. Criticism, feedback, and thoughts are all welcome.

What is this blog?

Still here? Fantastic! However, let’s make sure we’re on the same page as to what exactly this blog is.


This blog is primarily for recording and conveying personal programming observations in daily life. Or at least through contrived examples to protect various NDAs.

My aim is to record my own learnings as I progress in my craft. I’m aiming to reinforce those experiences through internalizing and communicating the ideas learned. Little reveals a bad idea quicker than having to tell someone about it!

I’m also looking to create a freely-available, digestible reference for some common use cases in different languages/frameworks. In my mind, there’s not much worse than knowing how to utilize XYZ thing aside from the fussy syntax, only to realize your trusty quick-reference got left on your workstation with a previous employer. Admit it, you’ve all been there.

As such, this space will not be how-to-code. I’m mostly beyond that point. You’ll see little hand-holding, and few reference links (unless they’re particularly good, or obscure topics). That’s not to say I’ve reached a pinnacle, however. On the contrary, most of my entries will be documenting recovering from my own poor choices and stumblings.

Nor will this space be offering general commentary on developments in the programming community at large, unless it happens to overlap with something I’m currently exploring. There are plenty of great sites out there for both of these situations. You probably frequent at least a few.

Yet Another Coding Blog

Of course, there are only so many ways to present topical programming information in a digestible manner. So yes, this is just another coding blog. However, while I’ve been influenced by various well-known bloggers ( ex: Scott Hanselman, Jeff Atwood , Martin Fowler, etc), my aim with this blog is not to emulate specific individuals. I’ll likely incorporate ideas from many different avenues. But, I’ll do my best to share credit when encountering ideas elsewhere.


Part of this blog will be allowing me to find my voice as a professional developer. You’ll likely see stylistic changes as we progress (especially in the first dozen or so posts). Hopefully, I’ll find an approach interesting enough to keep everyone engaged. I also suspect you’ll see me learning to be more concise over time. Even I can get tired of me droning on!

Get on with it

With that out of the way, I hope you’ll enjoy. Stay tuned for some posts concerning my explorations into observations on the nature of the trade, sharing hard-earned lessons, and checking the season’s New Programming HotnessTM.