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I’ve had the opportunity, as part of my current role, to take the team through the exercise of mob programming. TL;DR – a whole bunch of people working from the same computer/system on the same problem with one person typing, and one primary person giving direction. Sounds a little crazy at first blush, but bear with me.

There are several takeaways I had from my time running/taking part in those sessions. Overall, it was a very enjoyable process, and a tool I hope to continue employing in the future. (Anyone looking for the highlights can jump straight to the Takeaways section.)

Sep 12, 2022
4 minutes

So, after a long hiatus, and several domain renewals, I’m taking another crack at this.

I’ve had half-ideas about blog posts over the years, but general life-goings-on, writing inertia, and a handful of specific hurdles have kept me from making publishable headway.

No apologies for living life outside of tech. It’ll win every time. And of course several people more eloquent than I have spoken about inertia and writing, so I’ll spare the space.

So, let’s spend the remainder of this time going in detail on fixes I’m attempting for the specific hurdles I’ve run into with my workflow.

Aug 25, 2022
3 minutes

Author note: Since originally writing this, I’ve decided to move on to 11ty. See my post on that for more details.

So, pretty early on, I’ve started exploring alternative site generation tools. For the first two posts on the site, I’ve been using Hexo. Overall, pretty big fan. Unfortunately, there’s a few things missing that leave me in want of something better.

Aug 24, 2022
5 minutes

Author update: The tool this post was based on has since been deprecated.

Today, I’m going to begin a mini-series on testing sites with 2-way SSL authentication via Selenium, a Docker-based project called Zalenium, and a small handful of browser configuration files.

Aug 05, 2022
4 minutes

Here’s a few pro tips for everyone:

  • Git does not have a command to set both user name and author at the same time.
  • Before you submit a pull request on GitHub (or your favorite open source contribution platform), make sure you’ve used Git’s username and email setting commands correctly.

Pay heed, otherwise, you’ll end up with an author line like this…

Author: Daniel Lakes <Daniel Lakes>

Jul 06, 2017
1 minute

Today, I’m going to share a nugget discovered while developing an API for exploring usage of AngularJS (v1) with Symfony 2.7. Specifically, I’ll be talking about a rather tricky error message encountered while creating some CRUD functionality for an admin portal.

Feb 17, 2016
4 minutes

Welcome to my coding blog! I’ve decided to join the internet circa 2000 – now powered by Markdown. I suppose we’ve at least evolved beyond the WYSIWYG for content entry, so three cheers for progress! That said, let’s get down to business.

Feb 03, 2016
4 minutes